Investment Focus

Damier has a particular focus on branded consumer sectors and more specifically the consumer healthcare sector.  However, other sectors (e.g. leisure) are not excluded to diversify the portfolio. Damier also invests and co-invests with world class PE and VC companies

Our primary goal is to acquire portfolios of brands, invest in innovative and disruptive technologies and to invest into companies that demonstrate growth capabilities, and that have the ambition and potential to further develop internationally. A robust business case backed by a strong management team are
pre-requisites for us to consider an investment.

The strength of Damier is to allow portfolio companies to benefit from Damier’s specific market and financial expertise by accompanying managers and entrepreneurs in the achievement of their ambitions, both through organic and external growth, and as such creating value for all stakeholders.

The market dynamics of the consumer healthcare sector are promising although the sector faces numerous challenges with market players continuously having to adapt to a changing environment (regulatory, consumer behaviour, e-commerce,…), which warrants Damier’s focus given its acquired expertise.

Our target group typically consists of established companies with a turnover of €5m – €100m. Damier has sufficient financial means to act as sole investor but will also consider investing alongside other investors.