Alpha Healthgroup (Cooper-Vemedia)

Alpha Healthgroup (Cooper - Vemedia)

Since 2016, Alpha Healthgroup is the combination of Cooper and Vemedia, creating a leading player in the EU Consumer Healthcare space.

Cooper is a leading independent French OTC drug manufacturer and distributor. It operates a distinctive business model with a unique distribution network and best-in-class sales force accessing all 22,000 pharmacies across France. Cooper has a diversified product portfolio with the top 20 product families benefitting from strong brand awareness. It is also based in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Leading brands are, amongst others, Etiaxil, Insect Ecran, Pouxit and Mag 2. Cooper is headquartered in France with approximately 490 full time employees.

Vemedia is a fast growing consumer healthcare company, marketing leading self-medication brands, primarily in selected Western European countries. Vemedia is headquartered the Netherlands where it enjoys a leading position.
Vemedia is the leader in Calming & Sleeping with flagship brand Valdispert and in Medicated Foot Care (Excilor). The company is also active in a number of categories including Urinary Tract Infection (Roter Cystiberry) and Vitamins (Roter Dagravit). It also acquired Oenobiol, a leading “Beauty from Within” brand. Vemedia has its own business operations in 8 countries and employs over 300 people. Via distributors, Vemedia’s brands are represented in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The combination of both companies will create market leading positions and strongholds in several EU Consumer Healthcare markets, like the overall N° 6 position in France, with strong brands like Etiaxil, Pouxit and Insect Ecran; an overall N° 1 position in the Netherlands; a pan-European leadership in Calming & Sleeping markets with leading brand Valdispert and in the Medicated Footcare market, with Excilor brand.
Damier has invested a significant amount in the combined group and holds various board positions. -